Where You Gotta Be for Startup Week

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In part one of this two-part series, Broadview Denver editor Virginia Santy identifies the must-see sessions for women. In part two she'll cover a few solid discussion points and the essential DSW takeaways. 

By Virginia Santy | Editor in Chief

When the word “startup” comes to mind, so too does the image of a white, upper-middle class, semi-casual bro. It’s hand in hand, like peanut butter and jelly or, maybe more accurately, Goober Grape.

So if you’re not in the mood for that kind of sandwich, Denver Startup Week, September 24-28th, may not exactly be your venue of choice for networking or learning or participating in one of the seemingly hundreds of events that go on throughout the week.

But lo, my fellows, my feminists, my fellow feminists, you’d be wrong. For the Downtown Denver Partnership and all the volunteers at Startup Week have been working to make it more inclusive and more diverse than the startup culture in general seems to be able to muster.

I’ve been lucky to get the skinny on what’s planned for the week, and wanted to pass it along to you in hopes you’ll come and make the events even better by your presence alone.

What to Do

Startup Week has six tracks: designer, product, developer, maker, founder, and growth. Each of the tracks has a number of “sessions” (typically panels, solo speakers, demos, etc.). When you register for sessions and start building your schedule, you can choose any session from any track, hop back and forth between tracks, etc. Get crazy. 

And that’s the key here: although you may be attracted to one track naturally, browse through all of them when you’re building your schedule. There’s gold--sometimes even the extra shiny feminist gold mined by western women outlaws of old--to be found as you explore different tracks and sessions.

Also remember: it’s all free. FREE. The only thing you’ll have to pay for is your Lyft (which will be offering discounts throughout the week) or train/bus fare. (Don’t try to drive. Parking is dicey and drinks are often flowing.)

All right. Enough of the nitty gritty. Here are my recommendations for the most interesting events I’ve found on the schedule so far. They keep adding them so check back often as you build your schedule.

If You’re Looking for . . . SOME BADASS INSPIRATION

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If You’re Looking for . . . HANDS-ON TRAINING

If You’re Looking for . . . A LEG UP

If You’re Looking for . .  DOUGH

There is also the big opening party on Monday night, the Women Who Startup Rally on Tuesday night, job fair on Wednesday night and closing party on Thursday night – all places to make your mark on the startup scene in Denver. See you there!