Culture Corner: Best of March

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Sydney Hodgson | @SydneyLHodgson

March is Women’s History Month. These 31 days are the perfect time to celebrate brilliant, strong, courageous, and wise women. If you are looking for something to do, check out Sydney Hodgson’s recommendations for this month. And while you are doing so, don’t forget to spread the love.

TO WATCH . . . 

  • A Wrinkle in Time may finally be getting the movie it deserves. The new adaptation, directed by Ava DuVernay, brings together Reese Witherspoon, Mindy Kaling, and Oprah (no this isn’t a dream). The science fantasy novel was originally published in 1962, a time when it was uncommon to have female protagonists lead such stories. It is only fitting that the movie is now driven by the most inspiring female powerhouses in Hollywood. In theaters March 2nd.
  • Girls Incarcerated tells the stories of the girls in the Madison Juvenile Correctional Facility in Indiana. The docu-series shows what life is like in the prison system, and also the hope that these young kids have for a better future. On Netflix March 2nd.
  • The new Tomb Raider comes out March 16th. Normally, a remake based on a video game wouldn’t make the cut, but I have faith in Alicia Vikander and think she might really deliver in this female-driven action thriller. If you are going to see it, it might as well be on the big screen.


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  • Author Cheryl Strayed teams up with Steve Almond for the Podcast Dear Sugars. Dear Sugar was the original title of their advice column, which has now taken podcast form. Described as “radically empathetic,” the show addresses seriously challenging topics and hosts amazing guests who offer expert guidance.
  • If you need a country moment this winter, Kacey Musgraves is your girl. Inspired by her recent marriage, her new album, Golden Hour--out March 30th--is soft, emotional and her most mature album yet. Check out her performance of “Space Cowboy” on The Tonight Show for a taste.
  • Brit Kate Nash returns with a new album March 30th. Yesterday Was Forever is the result of a 2017 kickstarter campaign. She has described the album as “looking back with heart shaped glasses” at her teenage years and the first single, “Drink About You”, is just as sassy as ever.

TO DO . . .

  • Get those March Madness brackets ready! The men’s college basketball tournament starts on March 13th and the women’s follows shortly behind on March 23rd. If you really want to win, check ESPN for news on bracketology, where experts predict which teams will advance in each round and who will ultimately make it to the big dance.
  • March 15th is the launch date of the new Octopus Initiative at the MCA. It’s a free lending library of art commissioned by local artists that people will be allowed to take home and live with for 10 months at a time. The goal is to encourage Denverites to delight in the power of art by bringing it into their own private spaces. Interested? Paintings will be given out through a lottery system at the launch party.
  • Denver celebrates St. Patrick’s day on March 17th. If you are big into this holiday, head downtown and go all out at the annual outdoor St. Patrick’s Day festival in LoDo hosted by Fado’s Irish Pub and Howl at the Moon. If green beer isn’t your thing, stay out of the chaos and try your hand at baking with this Irish Soda Bread recipe.