The Broaderview: Buenos Aires, Argentina

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The Broaderview is a monthly series by broad Laura Turner, a Denver local traveling the world with Remote Year. Every month, Laura moves to a new country with approximately 60 other digital nomads. The Broaderview is a glimpse into the life of a local woman in each country, getting a sense of what it means to be a broad beyond the Mile High City. This month, Laura interviewed Tatiana “Tatu” Berghmans in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

By Laura Turner | Global Content Contributor

This month I visited Buenos Aires for the first time. This city has a history steeped in conflict and scourges of yellow fever in the 1800s but came out the other side of its violent past to currently be a hub of commerce in South America. Buenos Aires is a vibrant metropolis with almost 3 million Argentinians living here. I interviewed Tatiana “Tatu” Berghmans who seems like a perfect example of a millennial porteña (a person of the port, the nickname for people from Buenos Aires). Some of my interviews for the Broaderview have revealed striking differences between my American way of life and the women in various countries I met. In this case, I was surprised by the amount of similarities between Tatu and myself or any of my Colorado girl friends. Tatu is the owner of Namidan, an upscale sushi restaurant in Buenos Aires. She also started her own brand and has a sophisticated website of her work. Her Instagram account shows her passion for travel, food, and fun with friends.

Tatu has always had an interest in gastronomy. One of her first jobs after attending University of Cinema FUC, was with world renown Argentine chef, Francis Mallmann. Tatu also had a career with gastronomy at Gato Dumas and was a Chef at the restaurant Agosto. Tatu started in the kitchen but then transitioned into food photography over the years. She drew upon skills from FUC but also gained practical experience. Most of her photography skills are self taught or gleaned male mentors. There still were not many women in gastronomy or in photography for her to emulate when she first began. Tatu confided, “I learned how to fail many times. Experience comes with many failures, and the main thing is to grow from those failures.” 

Then from food photography, Tatu transitioned into being a powerhouse consultant for restaurants. Tatu does consulting for restaurants that are about to open or want to improve their brand. The consulting Tatu does has 8 stages that generally last 3 months. A client can decide if he/she wants all stages or needs some parts, like just working on an image rebrand or starting from the ground up. Everything starts from a research and analysis of the restaurant industry and target audience. Tatu helps clients curate the menu based on profitability, producers, space, equipment and other elements. Tatu also enables restaurants to make strategic alliances with different brands, gives advice on marketing teams, suppliers, and presentation of the dishes. Each consultancy changes according to the client's needs, but Tatu's vision is always the same, to achieve a business that stands out from its competition and has its own identity in order to grow with a solid base. For Tatu "gastronomy was always the conjunction of all the arts. Since all the senses come into play. Smell, sound, touch, taste, sight. It is gastronomy beyond a basic need, to think of it as an experience."

The high inflation rate in Argentina can also pose some issues for young entrepreneurs. In 2016 inflation skyrocketed up 40% and is currently at 25%. However, as Tatu nonchalantly said, “Inflation in Argentina is a crisis, but it also is normal for us. It teaches us to take care. To be prepared. If I want to open a business I will have to have a backbone. The market might go down three times, it also might go up three times. You learn to adapt and be ready for anything to happen.”

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