Spread the Love, aka How to Survive being Single on Valentine’s Day


Brooke Dilling | @brookefrances

I am so not a fan of Valentine’s Day.  Perhaps it’s because I’ve spent the majority of my life single on this holiest of romantic days. And so this day seems to serve as a reminder of my loneliness and lack. Just look at all these people flaunting their love. They are so happy. I can’t stand them. Why are they shoving their couplehood in my face?

Do they want me to ugly cry? 

But this year, instead of having a pity party on February 14, I’m going to focus on manifesting joy. It’s time to flip my script on V-Day. Because Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to mean celebrating love and couple-hood. This year, Valentine’s Day will be a way for me to celebrate all the people I love in my life.  I’m going to spread some joy by giving love away. And my kids are going to join me, whether they like it or not.

The weekend before Valentine’s Day, my sons and I baked cookies. Nothing creates joy like a sugar-cookie making and decorating party. (Nothing makes a mess quite like it either.) We love making cookies and getting crazy with frosting and sugar sprinkles. We dug the heart-shaped cookie cutters out of basement closet. We let loose with the pink and red sprinkles. And we smeared away any iota of pity with chocolate and vanilla piping frosting.

We also made old-fashioned Valentine’s cards. You know, the construction paper, markers, glue sticks, and glitter kind.

Today, on Valentine’s Day, my boys and I will deliver care packages to our neighbors, friends, and co-workers. I plan to focus on people that might also struggle a bit with Valentine’s Day.

And by spreading love, we’ll create joy--hopefully for others, but definitely for ourselves. I won’t be lonely this Valentine’s. I’ll be too busy spreading love.

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