Style Resolution 2018


Anne Liebman | Style Contributor | SheStylesCO

Champagne toasts, glitter in the air, perhaps even a juicy midnight smooch . . . and before we knew it, 2017 was over. We made it  through another year broads, and we’ve been graced with a brand new one. The question is, what are you going to do about it?

Enter the infamous new year’s resolution.

This year, what about trying something other than the “I’m going to lose 10 pounds"? (You look great, come on.) And expanding horizons beyond “I’m going to stop drinking for three months!” (I know you broads better than that). What if you made a style resolution this year? Doesn’t that sound like a lot more fun?!

Style Resolution--(noun) The firm decision to do, or not do, something style related; i.e., making a change to one's style for the benefit of improving mood, confidence, comfort, and self-worth.

Think about what a style resolution might mean for you. Take a look back at yourself this past year--how did you feel about your style, your look? Did you "show up" to each aspect of your lifestyle feeling sexy and confident? Or were you simply . . . there? 

Style is a very personal thing, something we get to completely own for ourselves. We can do whatever we want with our style. It’s ours, and ours only. But, I'd argue, if your style isn't working for you, isn't making you feel better about yourself, then it is time for a style resolution. 

Think about your daily life and your routine each day. As you take yourself through each part of it--early-morning, mid-morning, lunch time, afternoon, evening, night--consider how you show up and present yourself to the world. Each of those moments is an opportunity to tell a mini story about yourself, including how you see yourself and how you'd like others to see you, too. I like to think of fashion as a series of vignettes--it helps me tie together what to wear with what I want to convey. Here are a few examples: 

Think Workout Scene: Are you the calm and relaxed yogi in your flower-patterned yoga pants, or are you competitively glowing in your badassery through a weight-room session in snakeskin-printed- leggings and a tight black tank top? How are you showing up in that moment?

Think Office Hours: Are you casually chatting about the latest project with your co-workers doting a patterned dress, tights and a pair of your cutest booties? Or are you standing tall in front of a crowded conference room of executives, rocking your beautifully fitted power blazer and a bright pair of don’t-mess-with-me stiletos, ready to give them the presentation of a lifetime? How are you showing up in that moment?

Think Date Night: Romantic dinner with your man in a pretty lace top under a long boyfriend cardigan, paired with leggings, and knee-high boots? Or sporting that sexy low-cut LBD for that hot third date? Barefoot in dark skinny jeans, simple flowy shirt,  and pendant necklace because you’re staying in and cooking for your hubby and the kiddos? How are you showing up in that moment?

So, what do you say? I challenge you to this style resolution. Step up this year and be your best, most badass broad self in everything you do. Show up. Look the part, feel the part. You’ll be amazed at what this approach to each day will do for you. I know you’re ready to tackle 2018 in the utmost "you" style. See you out there.




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