The Broadview Gets Broadsided


Brooke Dilling | @brookefrances

Sometimes we just need a reason to laugh.

Even when the shit going down isn’t funny.

Especially when life gets a little raw and scary.

Enter the hilarious and brilliant women behind Broadsided Comedy, Taryn Atlas and Debbie Scheer.  Both single moms in their forties, Atlas and Sheer  set out to create a show where they could poke fun while getting real about the topics society would prefer women keep quiet about. Together, they use stand-up, sketch, and improv comedy to peel back the layers of all the things that can often leave women feeling, well, broadsided.

The hilarious and badass babes behind  Broadsided , Scheer (left) and Atlas. Photos credit:  Broadsided . 

The hilarious and badass babes behind Broadsided, Scheer (left) and Atlas. Photos credit: Broadsided

Atlas is a personal trainer, Reiki master, and mom of 2 by day and an improv comedian by night. Scheer is currently a professional auctioneer and emcee as well as a mom of two. In addition, she’s a stand-up comedian. The duo have been performing together for about 4 years but have been friends much longer. They met when Atlas was Scheer’s personal trainer; “she almost killed me” is how Sheer describes the experience.

Years later, they reconnected when Atlas was going through a divorce. “A friend recommended I reach back out to Debbie. Debbie had gone through a divorce a few years earlier and could provide advice and support.” They found support in each other and through their comedy.

The most recent Broadsided Comedy show will focus on comedy about new chapters in the lives of women – going back to work after a baby, finding friends as an adult, life after divorce, life back in the dating game. The show will focus on how women find themselves and become a new version of themselves. Scheer and Atlas pull from personal experiences to find the humor in these situations. While the show pokes fun about things all women experience, Atlas and Scheer hope it helps women get real about their struggle and offers a starting point for deeper conversations with their friends..

So mark your calendar, grab your best broads, and make it a girl’s night to see Broadsided: An Estrogen Fueled Comedy Show. A portion of the ticket sales will be donated to Safehouse Denver. The Broadview Denver plans to be there at the show laughing it up, too!


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