Mom Life Made Easier in Five Apps


Virginia Santy | @ginnamccarver 

Starbucks ahead-of-time-ordering and Instacart apps are old news—although, don’t get me wrong, I love nothing more than using my phone to interact with people and have them do things for me.

Aside from these app gold standards, worshipped by the busy mom for their ability to make life easier, here are five apps you may want to add to your smartphone repertoire.

Google Photos backs up your pics so you don’t have to use up all your phone space. Essential for snap-happy parents. Share your photo library with your partner instantaneously. No more, “take a pic and send it to me!”

Prime Now is the Orwellian stuff of 1984, made real today in 2017. Case in point: it’s 10pm. You’re on your last diaper. Nothing sounds worse than a late-night trip to Walgreen’s. It’s a race against the clock but you’ve got Prime on your side. Delivery within two hours for Prime members. It’s almost as if Amazon has learned to anticipate our needs via hordes of tiny devices in our homes. . . . “Alexa, tell me I’m a good mom. In a pirate voice.”

Don’t even think of leaving me a voicemail. Ever. Instead, shoot me a Voxer via the app akin to a walkie-talkie. Ideal for quick exchanges about who is picking up milk or which of the soccer parents is on snack duty. Send photos, short videos, or text messages, too. Bonus: laugh at your friends who are grappling with the learning curve of leaving voice-to-text behind as you listen to a "this-never-gets-old" stream of messages in monotone voices replete with punctuation notes.

If you are drowning in a sea of kiddy art, Keepy is the app for you. Snap pics of your babe’s most recent masterpiece and say goodbye to the guilt of throwing away the latest installment of mini-Monet’s waterlily phase. Invite family members to join and leave comments—including voice memos.

Snapchat—it’s not just for sexting anymore. Now it’s the go-to solution for moms desperate to entertain kids in line at the grocery store. Apparently, nothing makes a kid happier than filters and voice changing features.

It’s tough to be a mom. At least these apps make it—Never mind. It’s just tough to be a mom. But at least we have technology. “Alexa, order five pounds of chocolate.”  

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