A Broad’s Guide to Denver Startup Week


By Jessica Fialkovich | @jfialkovich

Denver Startup Week is the largest event of its kind supporting the spirit of entrepreneurship through education and community. The event runs September 25 through 29 in various locations of the city. There are tracks available for almost everyone in the startup community from brand new companies to those that are growing. There are also events for not just founders, but also developers, designers and marketers---so bring your staff along, too!

With all of the amazing events available, here is a guide of the best of the best for founders seeking some guidance.

If you are just getting started:

If you are focused on growth:

If your company is not in tech:

Can’t miss (no matter what stage your business is in): 

And a few last tips for ya, broads!

  1. Bring a jacket / sweater (most of these conference rooms are not women-temp friendly)
  2. Bring your own beverages and/or snacks. Unless noted, most sessions do not provide food and/or drink.
  3. Bring your own notebook/pen, most sessions will not provide writing materials.
  4. Get the presenters’ cards and ask if they will be willing to email you the presentation, so you can be more present during the discussion and not furiously copying the slides.
  5. Be selective. These sessions are long, it’s unlikely you will be able to do more than two and still get the most out of the sessions.
  6. Check out TurtleWise, an online portal to connect with panelists and fellow attendees. 
  7. Don’t forget about the 1-2-1 mentoring sessions, sign up here!


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