You Broads Ready for Some Football? Football Season’s Guide to Style


Anne Liebman | Style Contributor | SheStylesCO

We’re all beginning to sense it. Fall is most definitely in the air. And a big reason for that feeling is the greatly anticipated start of football season! One more week of pre-season, and then the real games begin. Whatever team you call your own, whichever quarterback you continue to drool over year after year--Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, you get it--the return  of ‘Football Sunday’ in the regular rotation of  your social calendar is certainly something to smile about.

Whether you’re a Denver broad devoted to the Broncos, a transplant broad with heart ties to your hometown team, or a broad who doesn’t give a flying flip about football, chances are you like a good party, and football season offers plenty of social gatherings around the weekly game schedule.

If you are in it to win it this season (i.e., determined to look good), you’ve gotta be in for the long haul. With a season spanning August to February, football transcends weather. So consider temps, and be prepared. Below I’ve outlined a few different ways to tackle (pun intended) your look with that in mind:

Early Fall Game

It remains pretty warm here in Denver for the first part of the season, so, when planning your game-day outfit, less is more as the hot temps  of summer slowly fade out.

On the top:

  • Jersey. If you have your fav player’s jersey hanging in your closet, you better be rocking that puppy on game day! Simply wear a tanktop underneath and you’re set.
  • Team tank or tee. No jersey? No problem. Sport whatever team apparel you have.
  • Plain white tank. If you don’t have any team-specific wear, don’t fret. Throw on a plain white tank top and some bead necklaces in the color of your choice team that day for a super simple pop of team spirit.
  • Sunglasses. It’s likely going to be a sunny day, it is Colorado after all. Protect those peepers with your fav pair of stylish shades.
  • Team-colored bead bracelets. Wrap those same bead necklaces around your wrists a few times and you’ve instantly got that team flare--in a fun, selfmade wrap-bracelet-style way.

On the bottom:

  • Shorts. Cutoff jean shorts are always a solid option, and go with everything, no matter what your team colors.
  • Flipflops. Easy and effortless, and your tootsies get to breathe.
  • Or Sneakers. If you’re over flip-flopping around by this time of year, adorn your feet with a fun pair of Converse Chucks, Vans skater shoes or your go-to pair of Nikes. Perhaps the pair you have happens to be the one of your team’s colors? Super fun.
There are so many ways to customize with Nike ID. Check out these Nike Roches, all Bronco’d out!

There are so many ways to customize with Nike ID. Check out these Nike Roches, all Bronco’d out!


Late Fall / Winter Game

Many of the pieces I’ve highlighted for the earlier part of the season will translate perfectly into the latter fall months, however, as it gets a little bit cooler, you’ll need to change up a few things.

On the top:

  • Jersey.  Again, if you have it, rock it! But this time, be sure and have a comfy long-sleeve shirt underneath. And depending on the temp, you may want to layer up even more.
  • Team tee or sweatshirt. Show that team spirit, in a little bit of a warmer fashion. If it’s a t-shirt, definitely plan to wear a zip-up/hoodie sweatshirt over. Keep it unzipped to show off your team tee base layer.
  • Plain long-sleeve shirt. Again, if you don’t have any team apparel, go the simple route with a something plain on top.
  • Scarf. Throw on a fun colored scarf over your simple tee (above) to complete your look.
  • Sunglasses. Just because it’s a little colder, doesn’t mean there will be any less sunshine. Be sure to grab those sunnies.
  • Beads. Wear those same spirit beads as necklaces or bracelets or both. Flaunt that flare!
  • Hat. Team stocking hat (there are some pretty rad tassel and beanie hats out there) or trucker hat, depending how toasty you think your head should be that day.
  • Gloves. You know you’ll be clutching an ice-cold beer or bloody. That, combined with some cooler air, requires some careful coverup for those precious hands of yours. Bright colors are always more fun on game day.
Top your look off with your team--both tassel and beanie styles will do you right.

Top your look off with your team--both tassel and beanie styles will do you right.


On the bottom:

  • Jeans. A pair of skinny jeans in any denim wash will go with whatever you’re sporting up top.
  • Or Leggings. You can get away with these comfy, body-hugging wonders in tailgating setting due to the oversized jersey or sweatshirt up top, covering just enough of your bum. I’d go for black.
  • Sneakers. Comfy and warm. Again, bring out your colorful sneaks for the occasion!
  • Or Boots. Easily slide on your fav pair of boots over your leggings or skinny jeans for a subtly more polished look.
  • Socks. Make sure you’ve got on a warm enough pair for whatever the temp will be. Be a little bit bold and throw on a pair of fun striped socks to pull up over your leggings -- more real-estate  to show off your team spirit!
Rodgers jersey, cutoff jean shorts, clutch, flops. Boom. Oh, and how about that Packers ride?!

Rodgers jersey, cutoff jean shorts, clutch, flops. Boom. Oh, and how about that Packers ride?!

One more important thing to consider, for whatever part of the season it happens to be-- If you’re going beyond the tailgate and have snagged some tickets to go into the stadium to watch the game, be sure you’re prepared when it comes to your bag situation. You can’t simply walk in with your adorable shoulder bag or classic cross-body. A few years back the NFL implemented the rule that you can only bring a clutch, no larger than 4.5x6.5 inches. But don’t fret. All you really need with you is your phone, your ID, maybe some cash and/or a card and some lipgloss. I’m confident that you broads will be able to make that work. The alternative is one of the big clear plastic tote bags. . . .  Yeah, I didn’t think so. Make the clutch work.

Now, who’s ready for some FOOTBALL?!


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