Summertime Style--Four Essential CO Looks

By Anne Liebman | SheStylesCO

It happens every year; our beloved summer months come and go all too quickly. But as we ease our way into August, we still have plenty of those hot and sunny days to enjoy to the fullest.

As Mile-High Broads, we are fortunate to be able to relish in so many amazing Colorado summertime experiences. A few at the top of my list are:

  • Park Days - Who’s in for a cold beer and some v-ball at Wash Park?!
  • Rooftop Happy Hours - Rarely any opposition to beating the heat on a shaded patio deck, cool cocktail in hand.
  • Mountain Hikes - A 14er, anyone? And of course,
  • Anything at Red Rocks - Concert experiences simply don’t get better than this.

With a bit of thought and planning, you can look fabulous for each and every one of these simmering occasions! Take a look at how to pull together just the right ensemble for each

Park Day

What to wear:

  • Loose tank. Throw on a tank top made of light fabric to keep cool. If it’s a bit loose, a fun and super cute option is to tie the back up in a knot to show off your waistline, maybe even a bit of skin. Another way to keep cool under those warm rays.

  • Cutoff jean shorts. Cutoffs are quintessential  summertime. Give those legs their due and show ‘em off.

  • Flip flops. Simple, casual, and also super easy to ‘flip” off if you want to do barefoot-style in the grass.

  • Little stud earrings. You’ll want some sort of jewelry to accent your look, but you should keep your accessories to a minimum . . . you might want to jump in on a game of volleyball!

  • Straw fedora or panama hat. Always a good idea to put some coverage on that lovely head of yours, and also an opportunity for a pop of style..

Rooftop Patio Happy Hour

What to wear:

  • Fitted (classy) dress. Slide into one of your fav dresses that you know will translate wonderfully from your work day to your evening fun.

  • Statement necklace or Statement earrings. For a solid colored dress, throw on a colorful, bold, eye-catching necklace that stands out. For a printed or patterned dress, add a solid metallic/neutral (gold or silver) pair of earrings to draw attention to your face.

  • Heels. Accentuate your beautiful legs by giving yourself a little lift. Be thoughtful about the ones you choose, though. I’d go for a thicker heel or wedge over a tiny stiletto heel to avoid getting stuck in any cracks on the patio deck.

What to bring:

  • Boyfriend cardigan. Long, light and loose. After the sun goes down you can throw it on over your dress for an effortless look as the cool breeze rolls in.

  • Bandaids. Yes, you’ve likely been in heels all day, and now you’re rocking them after hours.  While that blister may be worth it, you can save yourself from further irritation by simply slapping on a band aid where needed.

Red Rocks Show

What to wear:

Oh, and a box of wine also makes a great Red Rocks accessory. 

Oh, and a box of wine also makes a great Red Rocks accessory. 

  • Cutoff tee. Don a sleeveless vintage graphic tee you feel comfortable rocking out in. It will likely be warm during your pre-show tailgating and the first part of the show, so you’ll want bare arms to start.
  • Fun-colored bra. If the armholes on your tee go low enough, take advantage of the extra real estate! Sporting a bright-colored bra adds that extra spunk you want in order to really stand out.  

  • Jeans. Keep it simple with your favorite pair of denim. Dark, light, black, distressed. Avoid white jeans. You will be sitting on rock after all.

  • Button-down flannel. It’s going to cool down quite a bit as the night goes on, so you will want to have a layer to keep you warm. Tie a long-sleeve plaid flannel shirt around your waist. It works as an accessory piece, and offers a  perfect layered look when you’re ready to put it on. Keep it unbuttoned for a loose, casual vibe.

  • Sneakers. It’s red and it’s rocky. Cover up those puppies with a cute pair of Vans or Chucks (high tops or low) so your feet are appropriately outfitted for the terrain and  all the dancing and jumping around you’ll be doing! Oh yes ,and don’t forget the stair-climbing. You’ve gotta take your turn to grab a round of beers at some point throughout the show.

  • Cross-body bag. You need something to carry around your essentials, but you want to be hands-free for all the moving and grooving.

What to bring:

  • Your energy. Get ready to rock, broads!

Mountain Hike - 14er Style

What to wear:

  • Tanktop. It will likely be a warm start, and you’ll be getting your workout on with every step, so start out with a simple athletic tank as your base layer. Avoid cotton, since you’ll be sweating--I mean glowing--and you want a fabric to  repel the moisture, rather than hold it in.

  • Yoga pants. You’ll be on the move, so athletic leggings are the way to go, and you know you look hot in your fav ankle or full-length black pair. Again, it can get quite cold as you summit those peaks, so you don’t want much bare skin exposed.

  • Trucker hat. Wearing a hat helps shield the sun, and also helps keep you warm as it gradually cools down with your ascent. The mesh back of the ‘trucker’ style feels light and airy, which is important as you’re sweating it out! Oh, and it also happens to look super rad.

  • Hiking shoes or trail runners. Climbing to the top of a mountain definitely requires the right footwear. You want to be comfortable but it’s also helpful to have a good grip for traction on the rocky terrain.

  • Backpack. Nothing too bulky, but big enough to fit your essential take-alongs. Another opportunity to capitalize on this piece as an accessory. There are plenty of fun, cute (and functional)  packs out there with which  to adorn your backside.

What to bring:

Lookin' good for that photo op at the top. 

Lookin' good for that photo op at the top. 

  • More layers. Layers are essential! Increase in altitude means decrease in temperature. Pack a non-cotton long sleeve shirt, and a bright-colored windbreaker jacket (nothing too thick or bulky, you’ll have it rolled up in your pack until you need it). If the weather gets dicey at the top, or you end up in the clouds, you’re hiking companion won’t lose you. And color is simply more fun anyway.

  • Warm hat and gloves. Increase in altitude…  You get it.

  • Chapstick and lip gloss. We all know the long trek to the top is really all about the photo you’ll get. Keep your lips moisturized throughout the hike, but also dab on some gloss so your smile (literally) shines for that perfect top o’ the peak photo opp.

  • Water. And plenty of it!

And there you have it, broads.  All the intel you need to keep your look elevated through the end of this fabulous summer season. You make Denver look good!