Sweet, Sauer, and Strong: The Loss of Denver Fashion Blogger, Mallory Sauer

Sydney Hodgson | @SydneyLHodgson

Mallory Sauer, of the local fashion blog Sweet and Sauer, passed away last week. She had been fighting cancer and severe Crohn’s Disease.

When I spoke with Mallory a few months ago for our piece “Five Denver Women Deserving of Your Follow” I was blown away by her courage, grace, honesty, and kind spirit.

“That's something I've wanted to do since day one - be open with my followers so they feel like they have a connection to me. Then when my health issues came up, I thought that would be a good thing to share with my followers because it's real, and also something that a lot of people deal with but are afraid to talk about. I wanted to be a voice and help others cope with illnesses they may be battling, if at all possible. Being so open and sharing so much about the things I'm going through is something I don't regret at all. The messages I've received from people dealing with similar things is amazing, and when they mention how my openness has helped them cope, I know I've done the right thing by sharing my story. I want to help people going through similar things and be an inspiration or resource any way that I can… Make everyday count and never take anything for granted. Don't ever be ashamed of who you are - everyone has flaws. ”

 Mallory had an incredible effect  on the Denver community and beyond through her graceful honesty and openness around her health struggles. Thanks to social media, her wisdom and inspiration will live on and touch people who need to hear her voice. We are so lucky and grateful she used her platform as a beacon of positivity to help others face their own challenges. Her passing is a loss for the Denver fashion community. We will miss her contribution to Denver style and most of all, her optimism and her strength.