Three Crazy-Creative Denver Women Deserving of Your ‘Girl Crush’


Kyle Dyer | @Kyle__Dyer

I walked into my first ‘women’s only’ networking event not really knowing what to expect.

Actually, “Setting the Stage” is referred to as a ‘connecting event’ so that it sounds less businessy. Beyond traditional networking, “Setting the Stage” offers a platform for creative performance, meeting new people and connecting with women who are pursuing their own artistic passions.   

My visit was the series’ opening night and I discovered three creative artists who are so fabulous I now follow them on social media to keep tabs on what they’re doing. They’re that cool and very unique (and they’re moms)!

Allow me to introduce you to a few creative-crush worthy Denver broads.

  1. “Setting the Stage” is the brainchild of singer/songwriter Julie Geller.

“I am saving the world one song at a time with music that connects people to their best selves and each other,” Julie said.  

That sounds incredible, right?  Well, she’s on her way because her messages are relatable and her songs have great melodies and funky beats that makes you get up and dance (yes, I did that.. with strangers.. in the first half hour).

Julie wants her audience to learn about other intriguing Colorado women so in between her sets, journalist Elaine Grant went up to the stage, grabbed a couple of stools and recorded an episode of her podcast, called “One More Shot.”   


2. Elaine Grant has that voice.  You know what I’m talking about.. that voice your hear on public radio that automatically makes you feel a bit smarter.  Elaine’s voice is only part of her magic.   This admitted bookworm-from-birth grew into writing her own stories filled with insight and in-depth interviews.

After a very successful career telling stories for public radio, Elaine Grant is now seeking out Colorado women who are taking “one more shot.”  She is fascinated by the women she is meeting who, despite challenges and life’s interruptions, are 100% focused on pursuing their dreams.


3. Via the live podcast that evening, Kari Knutson shared her “One More Shot.” 

Kari, a mother, school counselor, lecturer and expert  in American Sign Language, now also carries the title of ‘producer of one-woman show.’

Kari is vivacious and engaging. After sitting next to a man on a long flight, he turned to her and said ‘I bet you ain’t never met a stranger you didn’t like.’   
“That was supposed to be the name of a book of short stories” Kari giggled into the podcast mic. “And then, I actually whispered to my friend ‘I want this to be a one-woman show.’  The more I kept saying it out loud, it seemed more believable.”

Kari Knutson has had two shows of Ain’t Never Met a Stranger: Tales from the Passenger Seat since November. The most recent was in April at The Clocktower Cabaret. More shows are in the works.

In the meantime, check out a “Setting the Stage” connecting event with Julie Geller and Elaine Gant on the last Tuesday of every month at Beacons Community Space in Cherry Creek North.  It’s a must. You may leave with a few business cards in your pocket, but more importantly, you’ll be humming a tune and wow’d by the creative minds of women who are doing big things in our community!

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