Love Letter to Denver


Virginia McCarver | @ginnamccarver

Dear Denver,

We love you, you know. Like, mad love. The kind of love that makes you smile first thing in the morning.

You’ve got that certain something. It’s the sunshine, sure. Damn, that sunshine. And those mountains. Mountains for days.

But there’s something else. Maybe it’s the allure of the wild west simmering slightly below the surface, or the small town feel you let us catch a glimpse of now and again, or the way you are coming in to your own, more and more each year. Whatever it is, we’ve got it bad.

And we love the way you love us back. You are one of the top 25 healthiest cities for women. Number 12 in the 20 best paying cities for women. Sure, that means you still pay men more, but we’ll get to that. Your state legislature is 39% women, well above the 24% national average.

Like any love, ours isn’t perfect. You could do a better job at keeping us safe. One in four women will experience an attempted or complete sexual assault while living here. And there’s the whole not-paid-the-same-as-men thing. But we believe in you. More importantly, we believe in our power to shape you to be all you can be.

Our view from here, Denver, looks good. But we broads—the go-get-em, bad*ss ladies who do a good deal to make you the great place you are—know the view can be even better. It can be a Broadview. We are going to get there, in part on this site; through laughs, conversations, bad jokes, and plenty of insight, perspective, and exploration, we’ll do this together.

Denver + Broads



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