The Gift of Self Care


By Virginia Santy

Kids. Work. Partner. Friends. Parents. Pets. House. Finances.

These are the things--in no particular order--we tend to take care of before we give a thought to our own well-being. Holiday time and our desire to create happy, joyful memories for our loved ones can generate more pressure and leave us further depleted.

Here are my top five tips, also in no particular order, for keeping your cool during the holidays and restocking your merry-meter.

  1. Do not hesitate to day drink. The holidays present this anomalous window of opportunity to expand the acceptable hours for day drinking. Champagne especially is fair game at any hour during this season. Take advantage.
  2. Give yourself the gift of wearing your yoga pants, sweat pants, or no pants one day a week. Or seven. You’d be surprised what this will do for your mental state, and your personal brand.
  3. Cozy up your hidey corner. Yes, that's right, your hidey corner: that corner of your closet you go to cry when things get really stressful. Get it all ready. Put an extra blanket in there and well, some champagne. Maybe a People magazine.
  4. You know how Mee-Maw has the hearing problem that keeps people from including her in conversation? Yeah, she’s faking it. She has applied her decades of wisdom and come up with a solution to tuning people out over the holidays. Be like Mee-Maw. Develop a sudden onset of tinnitus. Cup your ear and scream “Excuse me?? I didn’t catch that!” three times in a row. You may need to do this four times in a row at first, but trust me, people will catch on. Drink your champagne in peace.
  5. Remember, everything is returnable. Stock pile that shit and spring for some quality replacement gifts. Like cashmere. Diamonds? Cars? Please. Every girl wants cashmere. Pairs well with champagne.

And a bonus tip: sarcasm and a sense of humor always help.

Merry, merry broads!

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