The Feminine Collective: Denver’s Newest Girl Gang


Sydney Hodgson | @SydneyLHodgson

On a warm night in September, a group of young, empowered women gathered at C Squared Ciders. Local vendors filled the open hall and scents of essential oils wafted through the rafters as women laughed, embraced and unrolled their yoga mats. Beyonce’s Lemonade was streaming on an open wall. It was the first event for the local organization, The Feminine Collective.

The Feminine Collective co-founders: Aranda (left) and Salberg. 

The Feminine Collective co-founders: Aranda (left) and Salberg. 

Started by Emily Salberg and Nicole Aranda, the Feminine Collective is designed to empower women and to encourage the growth of strong female friendships. We all know the feeling of falling into routine, adjusting to shifting responsibilities, and being unable to spend much time with the girlfriends who are so close to our hearts. And as we grow older, oftentimes moving from city to city trying to find and make our best lives, the physical distance between friends can grow, making these invaluable moments of connection feel few and far between. As focus shifts, it also becomes harder to meet new people, but these bonds remain as important as ever.

This struggle inspired the founders to create a space for women to come together, form connections, and care for themselves. “Our ultimate goal is to create an environment where women can meet other women, learn from other women and connect beyond artificial conversation. But also, almost most importantly, spend that time with themselves,” Salberg explained.

Good vibes and a strong sense of sisterhood radiated from the group in attendance at the September FemYoga event as each individual set intentions and threw her worries into the actual and metaphorical flames. Everything about the event was curated to inspire connection and growth.

Strength in sisterhood. The Feminine Collective's first event at C Squared Ciders in September. 

Strength in sisterhood. The Feminine Collective's first event at C Squared Ciders in September. 


Local, women-driven businesses who align with the group’s message also attended. Big Booty Yoga, Whole Apothecary, and The She Operation all set up shop at the evening, sharing knowledge and positivity. “We want The Feminine Collective to be that kind of resource as well: offering must-have, must-do, can't-live-without information to our community of women, saving them time and resources all while keeping them in the know,” Salberg shared. The vendors promoted love and connection, and above all else, self care. This was a night of self love and pampering, disguised as a networking event on yoga mats.

The community of young women in Denver is strong but oftentimes disconnected. The Feminine Collective helps to shrink the space between us, reminding us of our similarities and desire for honest female connection. In today’s climate, this has never been more important. Aranda explained, “I think we are in an incredibly unique time in history, women are taking what they need and growing for themselves, and they are doing it together while lifting each other up.”

The Feminine Collective’s future events will go beyond yoga and intention setting, as the group is hoping to expand into other social gatherings that encourage connection, empowerment and growth of women. Salberg added: “This city is full of badass women looking to lift each other up and offer support, and we want to bring those women together, connect them, create lifelong friendships, and lift up some fiercely empowered females while we're at it.” Amen to that.

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